Friday, June 27, 2008

Yarn and Skaterboys

Yes, yarn and skaterboys. Can't live without them. Such temptation. Yummy. ok. Here's some random pictures.

A stormy day at the skate park.

On to the yarn whoreness.

These are all sock yarns.

This is the charity project the Betties are working on. Sorry the color is bad. I did the orange and the outer purple. Can't really tell the colors though.

More sock yarn.

Clappy-Itis and Randomness

Lately, all that's on my mind is finishing two Clapotis.

This is the Dexter Canvas, blood splatter yarn. Turning out Beautiful. I am glad I widened it. My other clappy, well I had to rip it. Maybe it's fixable. But both have to be done by July 3rd. YAY. Are there any famous quotes about waiting til the last minute. Fuckers.

This is my knitting basket full of my projects. Best basket EVAR........

So, I got a new phone and have gone picture crazy with it. Here I am in bed knitting. Such the exciting life.

And, me in the car, at the library waiting for my mom.

Ha, can't tell the kids are screaming behind me. Just keep that smile on man. No one will know. (;