Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Billy Joel "She's Always A Woman"


Everytime I looked at her my head filled with pictures of you.

Her skin didn’t feel as soft as you.

Her laugh didnt inspire me to laugh as well.

I couldn’t talk to her as I did you.

She would never hold the same traditions or morals as you.

She would never feel the passion that I felt coming from you.

She would never call me a goddess.

I didn’t like the way she touched me.

And her kiss didn’t make my head spin like yours did.

You’ve ruined me for anyone else.

Monday, November 22, 2010

For my Husband

For my husband,
There is so much Id like to say
But the words can not be enough
There has been so much we have experienced
So much pulling us apart.
We've made it through the bad times
the good are still to come.
I've enjoyed the many memories
The laughter and the tears.
Without what we have endured
we never would have known
that happiness is each other.
I've held your hand in death
You've held my hand in sorrow.
You are and always will be
my best friend.
You know me like no one else
I know what gives you joy.
We made a promise to our kids to help them rise above.
We once again
take each others hand in trust
And give in fully to our commitment.
I will never love another
In the way that I love you.
You are the one that lifts me up.
I am the one that makes you see.
Together we work as one.
There will be good, there will be bad
But I take them both in knowing
You are my true soul mate.

Forgiveness is the key to a happy marriage.
Love is the way to show your children.
Kindness is what we give to each other
A happy home is what we give our children
For many years to come.

Through all my life
you have been here for me
We have hurt each other
But there is so much more to see
You give me passion
I give you hope
Together we will be okay
I know this to be true
I could never see my life
Without you.

Our family is the most important
The things we do and say
They will stick with us
Every single day
We must make sure
That everything we do
We do through thought, patience
and unconditional love.

It's now been over a decade
To have the memories build up
Not all are good
The bad ones teach us so much.
The good ones are what make us stronger.
The years to come
Will be filled with utter love and devotion
This, I can give.

All I ask is for you to be the man
I fell in love with
So many moons ago

I love you.

Knit Like the Wind Dorothy

So much has transpired this Fall. I believe this quote " You can't truly have an open heart until it has been broken."

"Life me Up"


And ALWAYS Knit like the wind, it will save your life!


In deepest depression, there is always love.

I cast on Heart to Heart Scarf by Sivia Harding


And more hearts


8 More to Go


I also bought some Holiday knitting yarn.

Scarves, ornaments, stockings! I love to give!

And Also

(Available through Cafe Press)


I also have been spinning the "Garden Gnome"


Beautiful creams, pinks and blues.

Will make some handspun Mitts!


Working on Pogona by Stephen West

I handspun this merino and I call it "Pink Lemonade Sunshine"


Finished a stocking! Not yet embroidered!


Knitting is a savior. A true religion in every form.

And to whom it may concern:


And back to reality, I WANT this knitting bag!

I discovered this on a site I am truly addicted to, Tumblr. You can find me @ Knittinginthered!


Now I bring you, the process of "Aeolian"

Must have a good soak first!


This is a Wedding Shawl I made for my niece Chyna. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever made. I blocked it after soaking, turned off the lights and took a picture. The beads just sparkle through and through.


This is a true keepsake to be passed down to her future children (;

I do hope she cherishes it!


Aeolian in all it's beauty!


This is your something new.

In each stitch, I thought and dreamed of what a wonderful life you and Mike will have. The many happy memories you shall make. The warm and loving home you shall have. You are blessed to have found such a great love. My little girl who I used to watch sleep, has grown into a wonderful, beautiful and amazing woman. There are no greater words to say but to give you all of my love. In this shawl, there were many tears, many hours, many thoughts. The lace flew through my fingers like soft silk, the beads were like diamonds placed from my heart. This shawl is a work of love. For I love you with all my heart and I wish you many years of happiness. There's no doubt you deserve it. I love you Chyna Doll. Many kisses and hugs.