Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Case of the Haunted Doll

The strangest thing happened today. I keep a baby porcelian doll on my dresser in my bedroom. Well I had knitted a baby hat and have always kept it on the doll's head. I was vacuuming my room when I noticed the hat was on the floor. I turned around to find out my doll was missing. WTF!? I called all the kids in my room and they all swore they didn't touch it. I know it was there yesterday because I had contemplated taking a picture of the knitted hat for Ravelry. We searched and searched and still no doll. Just as we were about to give up, my daughter looked under the nightstand and there it was. Now both my daughters had to physically lift the nightstand up to get the doll out, so I know Sugar Bears could never have done this. The doll came out unbroken and intact. The strangest thing about this story is.... last night I was thinking about my recently deceased grandfather who I was extremely close to, and I felt such sadness and to why I hadn't gotten a "sign" that he was ok. Was this my sign?

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