Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ravelry or Homeschooling?

Ha! Well today was kinda a waste for homeschooling. Trying to get back into the routine after vacation is tough. We had a good start but as soon as I turn my computer on, I have to click Ravelry, just for a second. Yes, my just a second, turns into hours. I am a Ravelry addict. I did do a few minutes of crochet, working on this blanket border.

BUT.... Ryan did accomplish some computer work. I like to use the internet a lot for schooling.

Kailen also did some reading in The Castle in the Attic

So, tomorrow is park day, another day of no schooling. I can't wait for our schedule to resume. Now all I have to do is stay away from Ravelry.



hara said...

what is ravelry?

KnittingintheRed said...

Ravelry is the BEST online knitting community. http://www.ravelry.com/