Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can You Say Concussion

This week has been slow. I am dealing with a slight head injury from last night. Sugar Bears and I were rough housing and he decided to take a dive to my forehead. Yay, that was fun. I must have cried for 10 mins. Now, it takes a lot of pain for me to cry. It's a beautiful green color today accompanied with nausea and plain ole' yuckness. Nothing extraordinary happened this week except everyday living. So here is some of it.
~My latest loves~

Survivor Man Rocks

This is such an awesome show. Especially for people who dwell on the end of the world. Great survival skills. good for homeschooling.

~Yarn Cake~

This is what happens when you wind a hank of yarn on a swift and ball winder. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I want it, got to have it. This is the yarn I got from my secret spoiler. I love this yarn. It is so soft and awesome. The funny thing is, I would have never picked this yarn out for myself and now I am in love with it. The texture is sooooo nice and soft, plus I keep sniffing it. LOVE.

This is what I am making. The Branching Out Scarf.

It's turning into one of my favorite projects. I am making it for my aunt Pat. Who is just an awesome person.

~I finished Sugar Bears Skaterboy hat. ~

~Homeschooling Update ~

Yes, this is what I teach the kids, how to be poker sharks with Sugey in the lead.
Just kidding.
Sort of (:
~We are still on our Rock Unit. Here is the rest of the song as promised.~
"Sedimentary rock
Has been formed in layers
Often found near water sources
With Fossils from decayers
Then there's Igneous rock
Here since Earth was born
Molten Lava, cooled and hardened
That's how it is formed
These two types of rocks
Can also be transformed
With pressure, heat and chemicals
Metamorphic they'll become
The kids spent time identifying the rock specimens. That was a lot of fun.
Here are some links I used that were really helpful

So this is a random picture of the week.
Isn't the sky super beautiful. You have to take the time in your life to notice the simple things. Beauty is everywhere.

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Cary at Serenity Farms said...

I love the Branching Out scarf, too. Your colors are very pretty.

I hope you are feeling okay
now ;( No fun!