Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feeding Ducks & Aristotle

This week, has been all about getting back into the routine. Very Hard. But still possible.

I had to take a break on "Nurse Christine". Waiting on more yarn to arrive.


But, I did cast on "Feeding Ducks" using Malabrigo in Silky Merino. Love love love this yarn.

Future Christmas present, long overdue for my sister.

Notice my "Dexter" stitch marker. LOVE.


On the homeschooling front....

I have been enjoying reading aloud to the kids. They seem to be learning a lot more this way. We even play grammar games. I taught them about Life-Long Learning this week and how important it is to keep learning alive, no matter how old you are.


Chart of the moon cycle.


Our latest fun word book.

Gadabout: (noun), someone who flits around place to place, like a social butterfly.


The kids are having fun using all the quirky words.


The only other thing we did this week was taking the birds in for their trimmings.

This is not a pleasurable experience.

Lulu enjoys eating car parts.

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