Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dragon

All about the knitting this week!


Yes, I spent a few hours admiring and posing the roving before I began to spin!


Halfway done!

I hope it's enough for some socks for the KAL.


I also spent some time making stitch markers.


So much fun to make all different kinds.


Sugar Bears even made some with Mommy!

Pretty good work for a 5 year old!


Progress on Aeolian after the

At transition again! YAY!


Very happy that all is right.


On the reading front

Not at same time though!


Arty Lady's blog said...

Your yarn for the dragon socks is lovely. Now I wish I had done the same instead of buying yarn, however I KNOW I wouldn't finish the spinning by the KAL commencement date.
Looking forward to seeing your progression with the KAL.

jcoz1701 said...

I want to read Outlander!!!