Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sick Babies and Mindless Rambles

This week, many comtemplations on life have been done. I think I need more patience. I believe I have glided upon a new way of thinking. Love makes you look at the world differently. I also believe there are reasons for everything. Here are some random things going on in my life this week.

Me, Monday afternoon after the rain storm. Here's what happened right before.

Sugey and I curled up on the bed listening to music and napping. Ah, the slow days of summer.

Ryan and I watching a scary movie. UNTIL.........

The invasion of the boys!!!!!!!

Sugar Bear and Mommy

I started these Fingerless Gloves, Tuesday. They are for Daryn, who's turning 14, August 2nd. Oh my god, how did I get a 14 year old.

I also made this cute little teddy bear sweater for her Webkinz.

Then comes the rain. This was on my way home from Barnes and Noble. Should have known then that Sugey was getting sick.

It's always nice when your mom thinks you are medicated and driving at the same time.

This is in full sickness mode. Just came home from the doctors with 103 degree fever. Poor little guy loaded with an ear infection and a chest cold.

4Am Thoughts and Books.
Have you ever felt that unreal feeling of not sleeping for hours, almost like you have stepped into another world. It sure is quiet in the wee hours of the morning.

I finished this book and I LOVED it. Too bad there isn't a sequel, but I will get his other books. If you enjoy a funny off the wall storyline, this is a book I must recommend.

The only good thing about sick kiddies is SHARK WEEK, and good books.

I started this book at 4am. Loving it so far. very familiar to my life right now.

To end the week, I started a very special surprise. This is going to be PERFECT. Details coming soon.

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