Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pure Thoughts and Proud Moments

The beginning of the week

Yes, I was in hospital last week. I am always saying that everything bad that happens to a person, something good will come from it. This time, however, things are taking a lot of time to become "normal" again. I think when someone faces something so emotionally distressing, it leaves a huge mark upon themselves.

I am not going to explain everything on the blog, and the only reason I am talking of it at all, is for other people to realize they are not alone. It is scary to think that bad stuff happens, and it happens without warning. And sometimes when you think you are hit with the worst, something comes along to compound it.

Things aren't always "doom and gloom". My philosophy is to reach out to the people that are in greater need than me, for to dwell on your own problems is the absolute worst. I brought my knitting, but I was too dizzy too work on anything. It was a strange time for me, so many emotions, no sleep, so many thoughts about my kids, about life, and about how much it means to me to be alive.

I took this picture on the day that my kids were allowed to visit. I find medical stuff very interesting. I teach my kids not to fear it but to understand it. I am not one to sugar coat things for them, I tell them exactly what is happening and why. I treat my children as people who deserve not to have fear, but to have insight. This is not to say that I do not comfort them. Believe me, there has been a lot of comfort given to them throughout this. I think I have learned a lot from my kids as well as they from me. I am grateful for them. Grateful beyond what words can even express.


I am home now, dealing with things as they come to my best ability. The day after coming home, I received my Winter Knitting Swap.


Friends are wonderful. In the picture right above, there is a handspun skein of yarn. I am in love with it. I received so many neat, wonderful things. The ball of yarn you see rolled up, is sock yarn. It came with a variety of sock needles sticking out and I had to unroll it to find out all the goodies that were hidden in it. That was just the neatest thing to me. This year I will try to take the "Handmade Pledge"

(Except for books!) (:


I really love making handmade things for people.

This is the Rainbow Clappy I am working on.
We took this week off from homeschooling. Although there were a few neat things to mention.

I am one proud mama

Kailen earned some awards and belt loops at his pack meeting. He really has worked hard earning each one.


He earned the Citizen pin and belt loop, the Naturalist, Forester, Readyman, Outdoorsman, Aquanaut pin, and his bicycling and swimming loop.

This is his pack. They spoke of new times coming to this country and what it means to be an American. Brought tears to my eyes.


Our caterpillar hatched into a beautiful white moth.

It was wonderful to see the transformation


And my random picture of the week

My fish cloud

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