Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy Love

This week has been pretty good. From Wannado, to Cub Scouts, park day with snowcones and coming up Saturday, is the Mother-Daughter tshirt craft at the library.

After park day, Sugey STILL wanted to go outside. See the pretty flowers he picked and put in my hair! I love being a mommy. It was nice. I had my Sugar Bear, a cold beer, and my knitting.


I did finish my Mommy and Me Autumn socks. That's a Sugey and Mommy foot.
Today was the pack meeting. Kailen is really starting to like it.

We have camping in November.
This week, Kailen has been listening to this audio book.
So as part of my knitting swap, I was asked what were the planned costumes of this year for the kids and I. Well, I don't have an answer yet, but I can share last years photos
Sugey was Buzz-Lightyear

Kailen was ninja boy.

Ryan was some undead creature. (:

Daryn was a pirate princess.

It seems like this year, the kids have gotten so much older. They grow right before your eyes and sometimes you don't even notice....

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