Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blowtorches and Preemie Hats

We never said we were normal.

But, at least we are prepared.

Just in case you didn't get the full idea of what being a moron is.....

There you have it.

Even Sugey Bear knew better.

He was quite concerned.

And even a little shocked.
Ryan is just taking in the craziness.
But, everything went well.

Make a wish my lovely.
You'll never be too old to enjoy cake.
Who says everyone can't have a piece.

Here is what the cake looked like before it was demolished.
Daryn is really into anime, so she chose a Code Lyoko cake.

With strawberries and all.
Fourteen years goes way too fast. I love you baby.
Queen Daryn for the day.
Equipped with badge and all.

To throw in a little knitting, this is the preemie hat I did on size 6 double points. So cute.

Last but not least, a little cuteness from the Sugar Bear.

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