Saturday, August 30, 2008

Caution: Splash Zone

Took the kids to the water park for the last days of summer.

This is my favorite local water park which is less than 2 minutes from my house.

This is one of the few advantages of living in Florida.

Plus you get to see all the cool iguanas that roam the park. How many can you spot?

Can you spot the little head peaking out from the water cannon? That would be Kailen.

Little Sugar Bears likes to.............. stop up all the water jets.

Ryan is better know as the mermaid in the family.

Daryn, the daughter that doesn't like to be photographed.

Of course I brought my knitting! This is the Rainbow Clappy I have been working on. I LOVE the stripping this is doing.

Sugar Bears

What more can I say of the cuteness??

Ryan rescued a lady bug who dried her wings off for a very long time!

Kailen the Champion Water Slider of the day.

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Anonymous said...

I love CB Smith park! You kids are cute :-)