Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Like a Bag of Chips

I totally lucked out at the library this week and got all the Stephanie Plum series for $3.00, minus the recently published ones. I am on book #2 and as I told my dearest to the dear, librarian, sometimes you just need books that you can devour such as eating a bag of potato chips.

Now you may ask what goes best with a bag of potato chips....

My FAVORITE beer in the world.

Here is what I finished during Tropical Storm Fay.

Tis the Spring Beret.

Now for the randomness in the life of Jana.

Question #1

Homeschooling experiment day. How heavy can a kite possibly be in order to still fly it?

Answer: Does not fly in Tropical Storm winds.


How long does it take to catch a baby duck while the mother isn't looking?

Answer: Long enough for Sugey to capture it, kiss it, and let it go.

Question #3

Is there not enough to get done in the day other than wasting time taking psychedelic pictures of rainbow yarn?

Answer: No, there is nothing better to do and rainbow yarn is my favorite colorway.

Rainbow yarn at the start of a new Clapotis.

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