Monday, August 18, 2008

Stormy Weather, Ghosts, and Log Cabins

Tropical Storm Fay has invaded my space.
The Betties have been rained out tonight. Last night, I made the best of the oncoming storm and started a slouchy Spring Beret. So cute.
Notice the pretty stitch marker, made by the fabulous Torii of Velvet Hippo on Etsy. She makes the prettiest stuff EVER.

On top of that, I finally finished my stipey sock . Now one more left.

I have been working on my Log Cabin blanket. Of course now everytime I try and take a picture, Sugey Bear MUST be included. This will be a birthday present for someone EXTRA SPECIAL. Here's another view.

This weekend, I went out with the Betties to the "most haunted pub in South Florida".The Blue Anchor in Delray Beach. Awesome food and good company.

We also visited ImaginKnit in Lake Worth.

I bought some wonderful silk and mohair lace weight yarn.
This yarn is 100% silk from ArtYarns.

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Carol said...

Well I for one, am jealous on all counts. Cept for Fay of course. What a pain, no? I could just pinch Sugey Bears' little cheeks! What a cutie pie!