Friday, August 8, 2008

Cupcake Love

Today is one of my favorite dates. The numbers just coincide. 8-8-08 I believe that the number eight is the even of all even numbers. Now that would just take way too long to explain. But here's what I did today.
Sugey Bear with all his hair up. We had the big boy haircut talk this morning. No dice, he took it down immediately.
Time for cupcakes.
Ryan decided she wanted to learn to make a knitted cupcake.
I decided to make one along with her. I am so proud of her knitting skills.
How awesome is it for an eleven year old to be knitting on DPN's.

I love how the cupcake turned out. I plan to make more. Such a sweet little gift.

Tonight, the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremonies began.

It was the best ceremony ever. To make it even better, some of the Betties had a virtual Olympic Discussion. Quite funny.

During the Parade of the Nations, I enjoyed a nice game of hidden pictures. I have been obsessed with them lately. This is a good one.

Here are the promised picture of my secret gift. It's a Book Wrap! It was a pleasure to knit and it turned out super soft.

One of my favorite projects ever.

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